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Website General Information


KCC provide a website for every parish in Kent, even when there is no Parish or Town council in existence; they only require a responsible party, and this can be (e.g.) a Residents’ Association or Community Association.


For Cliffsend the Parish Clerk is the responsible party, not the Parish Councillors, and the Clerk takes full responsibility for all material.

The webmaster (if not the Parish Clerk) only uploads material to the website which has been agreed with the Clerk.


The Cliffsend Parish Website is supplied and totally funded by KCC at no cost to Cliffsend.


The webmaster (if not the Parish Clerk) does not make any charge or pass on any cost to Cliffsend, but provides his/her input on an entirely voluntary basis.


The Cliffsend parish website is run as a frequently updated, non-political, and unbiased information source for all Cliffsend parishioners.

It contains much information of particular interest to Cliffsend, gathered together in a format which makes it easy for residents to access.

The webmaster/Clerk welcomes suggestions for items of specific Cliffsend interest to add to the website.


The KCC parish websites are provided for parish use with strict conditions attached, amongst which are

“The Website must not be used for advertising or political purposes, which shall include the promotion of individuals for re-election.”

“… shall not use facilities provided for personal use”


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Message Centre / Forum


9th Mar 2017

The forum in WordPress has been disabled by KCC due to “attack” by spammers in Dec 2016.

Over 7,500 “messages” were received in an 18 hr period; they appeared to be password guesses in order to access the editing program.

The forum has now been disabled on all Kent Parishes WordPress websites.


The Message Centre / Forum is provided as a local area of free speech where parishioners can comment upon non-political Cliffsend matters.

The availability of the Message Centre / Forum is not a “right”, but an option which can be displayed for parish use if desired.

However, the KCC website training group advise that it is switched off if any abuse is suspected, or if it is misused in any way.


Messages have to be specifically approved to make them visible in the Message Centre / Forum – they are not displayed automatically.


The Clerk reserves the right to edit any message before approving its posting, also the right to refuse to approve messages which are considered unsuitable.

This right is used rarely, and only in specific circumstances.


KCC forbid posting onto the website of any material falling into the list below:-

“material which is threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, liable to incite racial hatred, discriminatory, menacing, scandalous, inflammatory, blasphemous, in breach of confidence, in breach of privacy, or which may cause annoyance or inconvenience.”


The message centre / forum is not for Councillors use; they have council meetings, open to the public, to put forward their ideas and make their arguments.

The minutes of these meetings are available for all to read on the parish website.


Anyone (including councillors, but with certain restrictions) can broadcast their opinions to the world by

printing & publishing

using Twitter

setting up a Facebook page

setting up a Blog

creating their own website for their own unrestricted use.


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