Sandwich Road disruptions & closure on Sat 16th June 2018


The Sandwich Road will be closed temporarily for about 1 hr between 10 am & noon on SAT 16th June 2018.

An abnormal load (the last of the 4 huge transformers for the NEMO project) will come along the Sandwich Road en route to the Richborough Power Station site. (It will leave the Ramsgate Port tunnel between 9.30 and 10 am).

The transformer will be on a very long specialist multi-wheeled transporter with push-pull tractor units at the front & rear; street furniture will have to be altered / removed temporarily to permit the transporter to get through the traffic calming. Steel runners will be used where necessary.

All junctions will be manned.

The transporter will move at about 10mph where the road is clear; much slower through the pinch points.

To minimise disruption to village traffic, temporary bollards will be put into place to allow the road to be used by normal traffic once the transporter has cleared each section of the road.

This timing means that the rush hours are avoided, and buses are expected to run as usual on the Sandwich Road.

It has become necessary to use the Sandwich Road as the load is just too high to get through the Cliffsend underpass on the new Hengist Way dual carriageway.


One of the previous convoys on 25th Sept 2017

The transformer convoy squeezing past the road island (on the “wrong” side of the road) at the Meverall Avenue mini roundabout junction on the Sandwich Road on 25th Sept.

The unfortunate number 43 bus to Ramsgate (which couldn’t make it through the Sandwich Road in time) can be seen backed up into Meverall Avenue. The passengers had quite a wait – but a close-up view of the “beast”.

The transformer itself weighs in at 295 Tonnes.

The low loader has 16 steering axles. With the dedicated push-pull tractor units, the convoy can turn in its own length, so normal roundabouts are not a problem. It even got through the chicane near the Sportsman pub / garage (very slowly!) after removal of some fences & use of heavy steel plates to prevent the wheels sinking into the soil on either side of the bends.

Tackling the chicane – preparing to take the corner on metal plates by the bollards.



Link to the NEMO page on this website.