Page updated 8th Sept 2015

The pictorial record of the engineering project to form the Cliffsend underpass beneath the Foads Hill railway crossing.

The link to view the works on the Underpass is below. Images from 2 separate cameras on the western side of the railway crossing were uploaded to the archive website every 10 min.
These stopped updating early Sept 2011 with the successful completion of the jacking operation.

The archive website now allows you to create a "time-lapse video" from a camera archive – described as "Progress Over Time".

This consists of a single image per day, and the initial generation of this time lapse is VERY SLOW due to the high quality (& file size) of each image, and the number of images for the time-lapse (about 240 images for camera 1).

DO NOT attempt this on a slow internet connection, or if you have limited storage on your computer.


Camera 1

Was installed in Nov. 2010.

The first day shows the boring machine "Doris" (below) which (who?) made 2 x 3.5M diameter "pilot" tunnels under the Foads Hill railway crossing.

Boring Machine

This camera was then moved to the west end of the site and captured the construction of the underpass box sections.

It was moved further east to its current position in early July 2011.

Camera 2

Was installed in April 2011 on the SW side of the future underpass and shows the "chalk-face" including the entrance to the northern pilot tunnel.

Early May images show the construction of the concrete "jacking (thrust) blocks".  The first box section was moved up to the face on 11th June (14:30 onwards). The jacking pistons were being placed on 15th June. The section can be seen moving into the chalk between 22nd and 28th June.  The 2nd section was moved up on the 29th June. Progress was fairly steady after that. The camera was moved to the North side of the site on 5th July and gives a better view of the pistons.

This camera was replaced on 22nd July.

The archive website is at

PROJECT NAME – sandwich (all lower case)

PASSWORD – sand2010