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First Public Document  Issued in Nov 2012  pdf (73 Kb)

Spring 2013 Newsletter Text version below

Spring 2013 Newsletter  Issued late April 2013  pdf (2.9 Mb)

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The Thanet Health Network is the public participation part of the Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group (Thanet CCG).

The group is responsible for selecting and commissioning health treatments for Thanet, and replaced the Primary Care Trust in Apr 2013.


Contact details

Thanet CCG have moved to Thanet District Council Offices, Cecil Street, Margate

Telephone 03000 424615; email

Website –

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Spring 2013 Newsletter

Working towards a healthier Thanet

Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group (Thanet CCG) is made up of all 21 GP practices in Thanet.

From April 2013 we took over the planning, monitoring and buying (commissioning) of local health services from the Primary Care Trust.

Thanet GPs can now make decisions on which NHS services are provided to people living in Thanet, who provides those services and where they are based.

It means you too can have more say in how decisions are made about local NHS services; putting you at the heart of healthcare locally.


Our five year plan and commitment to you

Following engagement with many stakeholders we have developed a five year commissioning plan.

The plan includes working towards:

  • A measurable improvement in the health and wellbeing of people living in Thanet
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Accessible healthcare available to everyone in the most appropriate setting
  • Providing the majority of outpatient hospital appointments in Thanet
  • Giving patients a greater understanding of their condition(s) and knowledge that they are listened to and treated as individuals
  • Health and social care staff working more closely together for the benefit of patients and carers achieving seamless transfer of care between services
  • Patients can expect the same answer to their health needs regardless of who they ask
  • Improved mental health and fewer people with depression
  • GPs listening to their patients which will help with decision making about commissioning services
  • Patients being able to see what the CCG is achieving for Thanet.


Keeping services local

Keeping services local was something that Thanet patients requested at the engagement events held last year. We are delighted to introduce two new services which have recently been opened in Thanet.

Green Banks, a Multi-Agency Specialist Hub (MASH), a resource for disabled children.

At the centre, medical staff such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, audiologists and dentists work alongside disabled children’s social work teams, and charities such as 4us2 to provide a joined up service to local disabled children and their families.

For more information about this service, please contact Green Banks (Westfield Road, Garlinge) on 01233 898964.

Thanet Midwife Led Unit (MLU) is officially open.

After the Review of Maternity Services in East Kent in 2011, and from patient feedback, the St Peters Midwifery Led Unit (MLU) at the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital has been officially opened.

Call the Midwife star Pam Ferris (above) performed the opening ceremony in January this year. Mums who have had an uncomplicated pregnancy are able to give birth in the brightly coloured, sofa filled MLU which offers a ‘home from home’ environment. The new unit sits next to the acute labour ward and has four birthing/postnatal rooms, two of which have birthing pools. The rooms have facilities for partners to stay with mum and baby in those first precious hours.


Your voice on our board

Dominic Carter is a lay member of Thanet CCG with responsibility for patient and public engagement and has a passion for patients being at the heart of the decision making process.

He believes patients’ needs should be understood, brought to the governing body and, above all, acted upon to ensure care is delivered in the most appropriate setting.

Dominic has served on the board of two primary care trusts. He has chaired the complaints group and was a strong supporter of the trusts’ staff awards, seeking to use both to underline the huge value they bring in shaping direction.

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