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Speed Limits / Road Improvements


KCC response to a request for a 20mph speed limit

Parish Council efforts


KCC response to a villager

Dated 22nd July 2015

KCC response – from the Traffic Schemes and Combined Member Grant Team – to a resident who contacted them requesting a 20mph speed limit in the village, particularly (but not exclusively) in Foads Hill between the junctions with Cliffsend Road and the Canterbury Road West.


"Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding dropping the speed limit." (in Foads Lane / Hill).

"The information you have provided has been recorded and will be held by our Traffic and Safety Team to support road casualty reduction."

"We receive many requests from individuals to make changes to the roads in order to make them safer, however in order to ensure that we can target our limited resources and funding towards those areas of highest risk, we need customers help to confirm that there is an existing crash history and evidence of local support before any highway improvements can be considered."

"In order for us to consider this site for any improvements we have outlined what we need from customers on our website and the necessary steps are shown below:"


Visit our website – for full details.

1. Check the crash history of the site

"Visit  to see if any crashes in the last 3 years have resulted in personal injury.

If so, you can go to step 2. If not, we will be unable to consider your request at this time."

2. Get community support

"You will need to get support from your local representative to ensure that any changes would be beneficial for the whole community.

Depending on where you live this is likely to be a County, District or Parish councillor. It rhey are not supportive we will be unable to consider your request at this time."

3. Contact us

"Community representatives can contact us if there’s a crash history and local support for improvements to the road. They will know how to get in touch."

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Parish Council efforts

Oct 2015

Councillor John Alexander is currently investigating how to get reduced speed limits in the village, along with various options for improving signage and road priorities.

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