There are two completely separate planning proposals for land on, and adjacent to, the old Richborough Power Station Site.

  • The Richborough Energy Park development on the Power Station Site itself. This is from a consortium of companies and proposes a mixture of waste processing, recycling (including tyres) and low carbon renewable energy generation (including Gas Pyrolysis, Anaerobic Digestion, Biomass Combined Heat & Power) along with National Grid connections for the Wind Farm and the proposed Belgium Interconnector to import / export electricity.


  • The Richborough Energy Plant development (owned by Thanet Waste Services) on a site just on the Sandwich side of the old Power Station. This will be an expansion of the current Thanet Waste Services facilities and is proposed to contain an Anaerobic Digester to recycle household green waste and much expanded recycling facilities to handle paper, plastics, soil, metals etc.