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Page updated 9th Feb 2015

This development is on the old Richborough Power Station Site itself.


Demolition of Chimney and Cooling Towers

 The towers and chimney were demolished on 11th March 2012 to allow development of the site.

The development consortium held an exhibition to explain their proposals in the Cliffsend Village Hall in May 2011, and an updated exhibition was held in the Village Hall on 15th June 2012.

The consortium were granted planning permission in Mar 2013 for provision of site infrastructure including roadways, utilities etc.

They also have permission for a diesel powered electricity generator to be used as a "peaking plant".

This is only used to provide electricity when demand is very high and other sources are unavailable – e.g. wind turbines in calm weather.

Some activity has been seen on the site over the past few months, but serious construction is not yet taking place.

However, Project NEMO – the electricity Interconnector from Belgium will be constructed on this site, and new high voltage pylons will connect Richborough to the high voltage grid at Canterbury – the Richborough Connection Project.

The cable from Belgium will be coming ashore at Pegwell Bay and will be buried on the seaward side of the old Sandwich Road, then pass deep under the Ebbsfleet roundabout to the power station.

Latest Newsletter dated Feb 2013  pdf – 1.66 Mb


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