Updated – Persons in transit van stealing water from residents hose pipes

Updated Message from our Community Warden.

Travellers in vans have been in the Thanet area for a few days, and some are parked up very near to the village.

Please be aware that a transit van is going round the villages filling large water barrels using any available reachable private hose pipe.

To prevent this, he recommends that you remove & lock away any of your hose pipes and any other easily removed items which are accessible from the road or front of your property.

Also be aware that they are offering to “do” driveway and roof repairs. Think carefully before accepting an offer and do not provide any money “up front”.

Be aware that any work carried out by such cold callers (assuming it is actually done at all) may be of dubious quality, may be unnecessary and will not have any worthwhile guarantee.

All the Community wardens & PCSOs are aware of this happening, & ask you to contact them if you have any information or queries.