Parish Poll – Procedures

Under the guidance of Thanet District Council, it is possible for the Parish Council to request a Parish Poll.  There are, however, strict guidelines and rules which must be adhered to:-

  • A Parish meeting must be convened correctly.
  • The Chairman/Vice Chairman should be present.
  • The question must be relevant to the Parish Council and its electorate.  The answer must be in the form of a “yes/no” or “for/against” answer.
  • Once the question has been agreed by the Parish Council it cannot be amended.
  • The question must be sent to the Returning Officer via the Parish Clerk or Chairman/Vice Chairman.
  • It is for the Returning Officer to decide whether the question is valid or not.
  • The Returning Officer will decide when the poll is to be.
  • All costs will be incurred by the Parish Council.
  • Since no poll cards or absent voters are provided at the poll (TDC will not be permitted to provide any forms of publication) – it is advisable that the Parish Council advertises the poll.

For the full procedural guidelines, please click here.