Parish Council Newsletter – Nov 2012-Mar 2013

The Parish Council is very busy working for the parishioners, and with other village groups, behind the scenes.

The Post Office

We are supporting the Shop Association in trying to find a way to resolve the issues over its future.

•    Joint open public Meeting on Tuesday 19th March


St. Mary’s Church

We negotiated with our County councillors to have the “Keep Clear” road marking put in front of the church to try to minimise any further damage to the church foundations from road traffic.


Village Hall

A grant towards a new heating system for the Hall was approved in Jan.


Cliffsend Community Plan Group

We will be working with this group to try to further the villagers requests where possible.

•   Public Open Meeting on Sat 23rd Mar.


The Sandwich Road car-park

We negotiated successfully with TDC and they will now modify the planned bollard installation so that cars will be able to exit the park via the gate next to the garage.

•    The original plans would have prevented this, and forced all vehicles to both enter & exit the park through a single flood-gate opposite Foads Lane, and turn round in the car-park.


Marjorie Chapman Meadow

We are improving its maintenance and looking at future improvements.

•    We have now signed a contract to have the grass mown twice a month from April to October. This will allow better use of the meadow.

•    Investigating the possible hard surfacing of the footpath

•    Investigating the possible installation of picnic tables & benches.

•    Investigating the possible installation of outdoor gym equipment for parishioners use.


Neighbourhood Plan

We are investigating the advantages for Cliffsend of this long-term project.

•   Parish open meeting explaining it held on the 28th Feb.

•   We are working on a questionnaire, taking account of views expressed in the meeting.


Street lighting

We are working with our County councillors to try to stop KCC switching off the lighting along the Canterbury Road West.


Traffic Calming

We are continuing to work alongside the Residents’ Association to influence KCC.

•    Last meeting was in Nov.; further meetings to be arranged.


Major Planning Applications

We are currently scrutinizing the project NEMO interconnector electricity cable planning application.

•    The cables will come ashore in Pegwell Bay, alongside the garage, and run to the Richborough Power Station.


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