The Olympic Torch was carried through Cliffsend on 19th July 2012


Official Olympic Torch Video at Cliffsend (select Cliffsend, then Watch)

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Cliffsend Parish Council were proud to welcome the Olympic Torch into its village on 19th July 2012. 
Being the first entry point into Thanet, hundreds of people lined the streets to cheer it on. Thanet was lucky enough to have the torch for longer than any other area in Kent.

The Parish Council arranged transport for the school children from Minster to watch the historic event and also arranged for a steel band to play whilst the torch made its journey.

Torch at Cliffsend

Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr Beryl Harrison who saw the torch when it was last in the UK in 1948, took part in the fun playing with the steel band.

Steel Band


More Photos


Foads Lane

Torch at Foads Lane           Torch at Foads Lane 2


Kissing Torches

Kissing Torches 1     Kissing Torches 2


Hugin Green

Hugin Green 1     Hugin Green 2