NHS Message about Mental Health services in Thanet

Full updated details of local NHS Mental Health “talking services” are in this 4 page NHS leaflet – pdf 319 Kb.

The information also covers help for people feeling low due physical conditions too.


Summary below:-

“Around one in four people will experience a common mental health problem such as anxiety or depression in their lifetimes and it is important that people know the NHS is here to help.

Talking therapy is effective for many people: it helps you to look at your problems in a different way, and come up with strategies for the future.

Recently there has been some concern over the availability of talking therapies in Thanet.

I would like to assure you that services continue to be available through Insight Healthcare by ringing 0300 555 5555 or the Dover Counselling Centre on 01304 204123. They provide face to face sessions at many GP practices and other sites in Margate, Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Birchington. Further information is available on their websites – just search for them online. You can also be referred for talking therapies by your GP.

ThinkAction, which also used to be based in Margate, has recently decided to close its offices in the town. Current patients of ThinkAction in Thanet will complete their current course of treatment. Indeed, if anyone in Thanet wants to choose to use its services in the future they still can, either by travelling to its office in Canterbury or by skype or phone. You can ring ThinkAction on 0300 012 0012 to find out more.

There are also counsellors available for people with long term conditions. So if you have diabetes, heart disease, pain or other long term conditions, and it is affecting your mental health, any of the local providers of talking therapies can direct you to the best place for help.

I hope that this reassures people that talking therapies continue to be available in Thanet. Insight Healthcare and Dover Counselling are ready to respond to expected demand.”