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Page updated 5th Aug 2017

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Latest News




Latest News

The project Development Consent Order was approved by the government in Aug 2017.

This Order authorises ”   works to the national electricity transmission system between Richborough 400Kv Substation and Canterbury North 400Kv Substation in Kent.”

Construction of the overhead line is due to begin in September with connection planned for late 2018

Full details on the Richborough Connection website

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The Richborough Connection Project is the construction of a new electricity pylon line between Richborough power station and Canterbury.

It is needed to transfer the electricity which will arrive in the UK from Belgium (via the NEMO cable link which will come ashore in Pegwell Bay) to the UK power network.

The current pylon link from Richborough is only for local distribution (132 KV) and cannot take the much higher voltage (400KV) which the NEMO link will provide.

The new pylons will be about twice the height of the existing ones, but could be a different T-pylon design, not just a larger version of the lattice pylons in use today.

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Public Consultations

Initial consultations about the route for the Richborough Connection were carried out in 2013, then in 2014.

This led to the selection of the Northern route – generally following the line of the existing 132 KV pylons. The existing pylons will be removed once the new connection is up and running.

The final stage of the consultation ran from 10th Feb – 27th Mar 2015.

The Richborough Connection Project issued an update (July 2015).   pdf – 88Kb

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