The Marjorie Chapman Meadow is situated behind the village hall and children's play area and was formerly part of Cliffsend Farm. It was leased on a long term to Cliffsend Parish Council in 2006.
There are two points of access; in the north east corner from Cliffsend Road and from the opposite corner. There is a worn track between these points.
The area is intended for the recreational enjoyment of the Cliffsend community, excepting such activities as 'boot fairs' and 'fairground'. The Meadow is wild and an area of peace and tranquillity. The parish council has arranged for the planting of several trees of various species around the edge. Twenty seven trees have been planted and memorialise family members that had an association with the village.
For those that do not have a personal dedicated tree, there is a Recognition Tree. A final planting is scheduled for later in 2012.
The temporary stakes and nameplates against each tree are beginning to be overwhelmed as trees take take root and develop. For the easier identification of trees and the family associated with them, it is planned to install a plinth and plaque near the north east entrance. Here we reproduce the information (draft) that will guide visitors around the plantings.
Standing near the plinth (entrance) with one's back to Cliffsend Road, tree positions from 1 follow the left hand boundary. The end of the tree line is behind the village hall. At various times through the year, different trees should provide a colourful and leafy display.
The Meadow is there for the general enjoyment of all. However, it is unsuitable for horse mounted riders. It is a popular area for people to walk and exercise their dogs.
Although this is a natural and wild area, it is no more acceptable to allow a dog under your control to defecate here than anywhere else. Dog poo bins are limited and servicing them is a problem. New sites are unlikely to be approved in the short term.
When your dog fouls, please do the decent thing and remove the offending deposit. Bagged waste can be left in a poo bin or disposed of in regular household waste.
The north east entrance fronts a potentially busy road at a point where there is no pavement. Please ensure that you exercise proper and adequate control over animals and children. Acting responsibly will help ensure that we will all enjoy this valuable village amenity.

Updated: April 2012