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Pegwell Bay Flood Defences Drawings and Files


Original Planning Statement – 7 pages including 2 pages of photos and 2 flood area maps; pdf – 1061 Kb

Final decision with conditions – 9 pages including an aerial photo and a plan; pdf –  571 Kb


 Overview plan – wall in red, embankment in blue

Pegwell Bay flood defences plan - wall & embankement locations

 Location drawing 2951-01 – original pdf of Overview plan above – 578 Kb


Wall Cross Section & Flood Gate (blue) Locations

Pegwell Bay Flood Defences - Wall Cross Section & Flood Gate Locations

Wall Cross Section & Flood Gate Locations 2951-02 – Original pdf – 768 Kb


Floodgate & Boardrack Details

Pegwell Bay Flood Defences Floodgate Details

Floodgate & Boardrack Details  2951-03  – Original pdf  – 639 Kb


Embankment Overview & Cross Section locations + Photos

Pegwell Flood Defences - Embankment overview with photos

Embankment Overview, Cross section Locations & photos  2951-04  Original pdf  – 791 Kb


Revised Embankment Cross sections showing tank traps

Pegwell Bay Flood Defences - embankment cross sections

 Revised Embankment Cross Sections with tank traps 2951-04 Rev A – Original pdf 69 Kb


Wall & Embankment Elevation Cross Sections

Pegwell Bay Food Defences Cross sections

Wall & Embankment Elevation Cross Sections 2951-06 – Original pdf 645 Kb


Revised Wall & Embankment Elevation Cross Sections

Pegwell Bay Flood Defences - Wall & Embankment Cross Sections

Wall & Embankment Revised Elevation Cross Sections 2951-06 Rev A – Original pdf 64 Kb


Elevation View with Cross Section Locations of Wall & Embankment

 Pegwell Bay Flood Defences - wall & embankment elevations

Elevations original file 2951-05 – pdf 1171 Kb


TDC owned areas (in blue)

Pegwell Flood Defences - TDC owned areas

Map showing TDC owned areas  2951-07  Original pdf 628 Kb


All Drawings and Documents can also be found in the Thanet planning application no. F/TH/12/0690 – see list of files.

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