Recycling Calendar – 2019

15th February 2019 @ 7:00 am

Blue-topped bin + Red bag + Food Waste.

NO CARRIER BAGS in the blue-lidded bin – your recycling will not be collected if you have put plastic carrier bags in the bin.
Please empty the recycling from the carrier bag into the blue-lidded bin & dispose of the carrier bag in with the non-recyclable waste.

Thanet District Council have confirmed that shredded paper can go into the red bag (for recycling paper & cardboard).
However, please ensure that it cannot blow about by enclosing it inside another paper or cardboard container before adding to the red bag.
e.g. inside an envelope / cereal box / large paper sack.


To obtain a new red bag you must now phone 01843 577115 to request one and it will be delivered to your property.  New bags are no longer available from Minster Library.

Printable copy of the Collection Calendar for 2019  pdf (280 Kb)

(Round A, Friday Standard Collection)