CPC Planning Response – Object – Stone Hill Park June 18

Stone Hill Park Planning Application OL/TH/18/0660 – Manston Airport Redevelopment

The planning application above has been further revised and was considered at the Planning Committee Meeting on 14 June 2018.

The objections raised by the Parish Council are listed as follows:

  • Affect local ecology
  • Development too high
  • General dislike of proposal
  • Inadequate access
  • Inadequate parking provision
  • Inadequate public transport provisions
  • Increase in traffic
  • Increase of pollution
  • Information missing from plans
  • Not enough info given on application
  • Out of keeping with character of the area
  • Over development
  • Potentially contaminated land
  • Strain on existing community facilities


The following views were reached by the Parish Council:-

  1. The proposals contain many inaccurate statements.
  2. Many of the risks, such as dealing with unexploded ordnances, is significantly underestimated.
  3. No consideration has been given to many thousands of lorry movements which will be necessary to haul away concrete removed from the apron, taxiways and runway.
  4. No consideration has been given to providing a suitable site road access, eg. off the Cliffsend Roundabout.
  5. The plans do not address the likely impact on villages, such as Cliffsend, with little consideration for the residents.
  6. We note they are driving a path through Cliffsend towards the possible ‘Parkway Station’.  However, there is no certainty this station will ever be built.  The proposed pathway includes the provision of a 2 metre wide pathway along a length of Foads Hill from the junction with Clive Road to the Railway Crossing.  Foads Hill is a very narrow road, the existing house boundaries from the road would not leave enough road left for vehicles or buses (this is a bus route for the number 42).  Also, the proposed footpath would impact on the vehicle stopping area in Foads Lane on the north side of the crossing, provided by Network Rail, so drivers of large or slow vehicles can phone the crossing controllers.


Cliffsend Parish Council are totally opposed to this planning application.  It is not wanted nor necessary to meet the housing needs of Thanet.  Why destroy an airfield, which if run properly, can provide far more employment than that which Stone Hill indicate?  Consider carefully the number of existing industrial areas which are currently empty across Thanet, Stone Hill Park’s proposals will only make this situation worse.