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Declarations of Interest

Committees and Working Parties

Councillors roles & Responsibilities

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Kent County Councillors


Councillors Declarations of Interest

This link takes you to the TDC website where the declarations are managed.

On the TDC page, click on the name of the Parish Councillor then on “Register of Interest” listed under “More information about me” to display a scanned copy of their Declaration.

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Committees and Working Parties

The Parish Council has set up several Committees and Working Parties.

Each Committee / Working Party concentrates on one area of council business; this ensures that sufficient time and effort is applied to a topic for timely progress

Committees are semi-permanent and are for ongoing processes – e.g. Finance.

Working Parties are temporary, and dissolved once their purpose has been completed.

All committee / working party membership is re-visited at least once per year, and the Chair of each must be elected annually.

Working Parties and committees can only make recommendations; all decisions have to be made by the full Parish Council, at the monthly public meetings.

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Councillors Responsibilities

Individual councillors fill various roles within the council:-

As members of various committees / working parties

As representatives of the council on Thanet-wide committees / groups


Councillors’ roles and responsibililities – updated 31 May 2017  (pdf – 53 Kb)


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Attendance Records

2013-2015 (pdf 38 kb)

2015-2016 (pdf 26 kb)

Download (PDF, 26KB)

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