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Pre-opening events

Final Approval

Consultation Nov 2013


Coastal Footpath pre-opening Events


Natural England are altering the rules for dog walkers on the new Coastal Path (due to open "later this Spring")

To help explain the changes and answer any queries, several pre-opening events have been organised – Doggie ‘pit-stops’ events and a guided walk – for free!

These events are aimed at highlighting the interests and value of the Pegwell Bay side of the National Nature Reserve with the Dorset Dogs Project, Natural England, Thanet Council and Thanet Coast Project. People will be on hand to talk to local walkers and dog walkers about the interests of the reserve, give dog control advice and to explain about how you can look after your dog and help wildlife in the Bay.


Doggie 'pit-stops' & guided walk – Pegwell Bay area

Fri. 11 March – 

Doggie Pit-Stop: 9am -12noon. Meet:  Viking Ship Picnic Site, Cliffsend (Nr. Ramsgate)

Sat. 12 March –

Doggie Pit Stop: 9am -12noon. Meet: Lookout Café, Govt Acre, Ramsgate

Guided public dog walk: 2.30pm start (2hrs)   Walk to Pegwell/Western Undercliff, Ramsgate

Meet/start:  Pegwell Country Park (on Sandwich Road, south of Cliffsend).

Meet 2.15pm; (Note: car park charges apply). 


Link to the Thanet Coast Project website

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Coastal Footpath has been approved


On 23 March 2015 the Secretary of State announced her decision to approve a stretch of the England Coast Path in Kent between Folkestone and Ramsgate. This follows a hearing led by an appointed person from the Planning Inspectorate, held on 20 January 2015.

The original proposals have been modified by the Secretary of State. The changes include the provision of an alternative route near Richborough Port, Sandwich (maps 1.4 and 1.5 of the original report).

The proposed alignment of the coast path will follow our original proposals along Richborough Wharf, with an alternative route used during periods when the Wharf and an area north of Kingfisher Sluice are being used for commercial purposes incompatible with public access. 

Link to Natural England website page with full details about the path.

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Coastal Footpath Consultation Nov 2013


Richborough Wharf Objections Hearing – 20th Jan 2015

There will be a public meeting to hear the objections and arguments for this path section (map below) on

Tuesday 20th Jan 2015, at 10am, at Baypoint, Ramsgate Road, Sandwich.


Richborough snag Sept 2014

The Ramblers have been working with Natural England to establish this footpath, but now it seems that it will not be able to go along the Richborough wharf as planned (see below).

The wharf was classified as "derelict land", but is now being used for parking, and the landowner claims it would harm his business if there were public access.

The Ramblers are appealing for people to support the original plan.

Details of objections and Natural England's comments on it   pdf – 24Kb

Representation Form for comments –  pdf – 21Kb

Natural England page about this objection

Comments should be sent to Natural England by 11th Sept 2014

Printable copy of this map  pdf – 819 Kb

2013 Consultation

Natural England have written detailed updated proposals for improving the coastal footpaths in East Kent.

These are now out for consultation until 22nd Dec 2013 and are available online from the Natural England website
Also at public displays of printed maps and proposals.
They are proposing to restrict access to certain areas of Pegwell Bay to protect overwintering birds, and to prohibit all people with dogs from these areas, (but specifically excluding the hoverport site) at all times of year – not just the Winter months as originally proposed.
They are also proposing a new footpath along the river bank from Stonelees, taking in Richborough Port.
The consultation period runs until 22nd Dec 2013; comments must be received by 5pm on 22nd Dec.
Printed copies of the files and maps can be viewed now at the Ramsgate Library, the Minster Library and at the TDC council offices in Margate.

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The consultation files of interest cover the coast between Ramsgate East Pier and Folkestone.

Links to selected maps and files for the stretches of particular local interest are included below.
Please note that the overview file (which covers the entire stretch between Ramsgate & Folkestone) is necessary to make sense of the individual maps; it also includes additional maps with extra details.

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Pegwell Bay exclusion area map – printable copy   pdf (313 Kb)

Pegwell Bay exclusion area

Pegwell Bay exclusions – extract from Overview file

"Following our request through the Draft Proposals, we received further evidence from respondents about the current levels and patterns of public access to this area.
Recent, unpublished surveys, highlight that current levels of disturbance may already be affecting the distribution of important bird populations using the intertidal areas of Pegwell Bay (area 3 of Map E and area 4 of Map F), although the evidence available at the time of writing this report is inconclusive on this point.
Increased use of the bay and beaches by walkers and dog walkers could result in a reduction in the amount of time available for the birds to feed and roost both during the winter and into the summer months, resulting in a lack of condition and possible mortality of individuals, affecting existing populations.
To avoid potential disturbance on the bird interest of the European site and the Site of Special Scientific Interest, we are recommending a precautionary approach by proposing that people should be excluded from exercising CROW rights (Countryside and Rights of Way act) across the intertidal areas 3 and 4, throughout the year.
This proposed exclusion does not include the hover port area in the north west of Pegwell Bay (north of Cliffsend Point) or prevent access to or along the beach shown as area 7 on Map E, which are both popular areas for exercising dogs.
Here it is proposed that CROW rights can be exercised, with a requirement to keep dogs on leads at all times throughout the year on the beach (area 7), to help prevent disturbance to birds roosting on the beach and feeding on the intertidal flats.
The resulting directions for the purpose of protecting wildlife interests as well as the exclusion of CROW rights to the saltmarsh will be clearly publicised and explained at the main access points to the beach and near the main seal population, with alternative local dog walking areas identified."

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Overview File  pdf (1.35 Mb) – 44 pages including additional maps

Map – Ramsgate West Cliff to Little Cliffsend Farm  pdf (953 Kb)

Map – Little Cliffsend Farm to Foad's Lane  pdf (691 Kb)

Map – Foad's Lane to Stonelees Nature Reserve (including the Country Park)  pdf (736 Kb)

Map – Stonelees to Stonar Cut  pdf (819 Kb)

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