Page updated 2nd Apr 2013


Cliffsend Community Plan Group


Final Report  pdf – 2.5 Mb, presented to the Cliffsend Parish Council on 23rd March 2013



The CCPG distributed a 5 year Community Plan general questionnaire to all Cliffsend residents in 2011.

The returned questionnaires were used by an independent (non-Cliffsend) source to produce the initial report below. This accurately represents the full range of replies; but all are anonymous and cannot be linked to any particular person.

The questionnaire contained 70 separate questions, in 7 sections:

Traffic;  Public Transport;  Crime & Safety;  Education;  Environment;  Village Amenities;  Household Information.

The report is now being discussed with all the Cliffsend Groups so that the groups can co-operate in order to progress the wishes of the villagers wherever possible.


The report is 40 pages long, so you may wish to down-load and save an electronic copy of the file for future reference.

An index to the questions and report page numbers, which may make navigation of the report a little easier, is also included below.

Index (102 Kb)          Initial Report (311 Kb)