Level Crossing Closed overnight Sat 21 – Sun 22 July

The Foads Hill Level crossing will be closed for all road traffic between 11 pm Sat 21st and approximately 9am on Sunday 22 July 2018. However, pedestrians will be either escorted across the crossing by Network Rail staff, or put into a free taxi to take them around while it is closed to vehicles. Network Rail will […]

Warning about scam phone calls claiming to come from police

Information supplied by Kent Police Neighbourhood Watch on 21st Dec. To all residents in Thanet. We are having a massive spate of fraud over in Thanet (predominately Broadstairs) Residents are receiving calls from a male claiming to be a Metropolitan Police Officer and asking for bank details. A couple of times the male states he […]

NEMO cable work now completed in Cliffsend

The NEMO cable work has now been completed in Pegwell Bay, and the road disruptions & construction traffic have gone, along with the contractor’s vehicles from the Sandwich Road car-park. The missing bollard in the car-park has also been replaced.

Thanet Area Committee Meetings

Minutes for the TAC meetings will now be posted on the website.  Please click here to be taken to the relevant page.

Parish Council Audit – 2016-17

The Council’s financial audit for 2016-17 is now available to view.   Please click here to be taken to the latest information.

Earlsmead Crescent Green Maintenance

Thanet District Council (TDC) attended a meeting with the Parish Council on 7th Sept 2017 to discuss the grassed area and trees at the above location. They managed to establish that the development company who owned the land and estate went in to receivership half way through the building of the estate in the late 1970’s. […]

Parish Council Planning Responses

Updated: 24 August 2017 The Parish Council have responded to the following planning matters affecting major development within the village.  Please follow the links to see the latest information on:- Thanet Local Plan – June 2017 Stone Hill Park Development at Manston – July 2017 Land south of Cottington Road Land north of Cottington Road […]

Village Development Planning Applications – Updates

Post updated: 24 August 2017 The village developments at Cottington Road (North and South) and Canterbury Road West have been updated following comments received in connection with concerns about drainage.  In particular, the Land south of Canterbury Road West now shows the position of the two major sewers which run through the site and the […]

Richborough Connection Pylon / Cable Update

The government have just approved the construction of the new high voltage electricity cable link between the Richborough power station and the nearest high voltage grid connection at Canterbury. See the Richborough Connection page on this website for details of the project & news.