Christmas Period Recycling / Refuse Collections

The normal Friday collections will be unchanged for Cliffsend over the holiday period. 14th Dec – Waste – Black lid bin. Non-recyclable + food waste 21st Dec – Recycling – Blue lid bin + red bag + food waste 28th Dec – Waste – Black lid bin. Non-recyclable + food waste Christmas trees will NOT […]

Jentex have submitted a new planning application for housing

The original Planning Application for retirement bungalows, extra care facility, maisonettes & other housing has expired. Jentex have submitted a new planning application, similar to the previous one – OL/TH/18/1213. This was discussed at the Parish Council Planning meeting on Thurs 11th Oct. Further details are on the Jentex page on this website. This includes a complete list […]

Updated – Parkway Station Planning Application

A formal planning application for the Parkway Station has been submitted to KCC. The link to the planning application is Full size (A1) plans will be available to view in the Village Hall on 2 dates –  Saturday 18th August – 10am to 12:00 noon Tuesday 21st August – 5pm to 7pm   Printable […]

CPC Planning Response – Object – Stone Hill Park June 18

Stone Hill Park Planning Application OL/TH/18/0660 – Manston Airport Redevelopment The planning application above has been further revised and was considered at the Planning Committee Meeting on 14 June 2018. The objections raised by the Parish Council are listed as follows: Affect local ecology Development too high General dislike of proposal Inadequate access Inadequate parking […]

2018 Parish Council F&GP Committee

2018 Parish Council F&GP Committee Minutes & Agendas    January Agenda Minutes  February Agenda Minutes  March  Agenda  Minutes  April  Agenda  Minutes  May Agenda Minutes  June Agenda  Minutes  July Agenda  Draft Minutes  August  No Meeting    September Agenda Minutes  October Agenda Draft Minutes  November Agenda Draft Minutes  December Agenda Minutes  

2018 Parish Council and Planning Committee Minutes & Agendas

2018 Parish Council Minutes & Agendas    January Agenda (Updated) Minutes  February  Agenda  Minutes  March  Agenda  Minutes  April  Agenda  Minutes  May AGM Agenda AGM Minutes   June Agenda  Minutes  July Agenda  Minutes  August  No Meeting    September Agenda Minutes  October Agenda Draft Minutes  November Agenda  Draft Minutes  December Agenda Minutes 2018 Planning Committee Minutes & Agendas May […]

Earlsmead Crescent Green Maintenance

Thanet District Council (TDC) attended a meeting with the Parish Council on 7th Sept 2017 to discuss the grassed area and trees at the above location. They managed to establish that the development company who owned the land and estate went in to receivership half way through the building of the estate in the late 1970’s. […]

Chairman’s Report 2016/2017

CPC Chair Report 2016-2017 Thank you for attending the AGM of Cliffsend Parish Council. The last year for Cliffsend Parish Council has been eventful in that we had the sudden resignation of our previous Chair and two other councillors’ part way through the period. Since I became Chair in October 2016 we have co-opted over […]

Asparagus Field Housing Development further details planning application

The latest planning application (for landscaping details) of the 31 houses + retail unit development on the Asparagus Field was discussed by the parish council in the June 1st planning meeting, and the comments made by the council are on the Asparagus Field page on this website.