Parish Council looking for a General Maintenance person

Parish Council Job Vacancy General Maintenance Person Cliffsend Parish Council is seeking to fill the above vacancy , duties will include – Mowing / strimming of grass areas and hedges as directed Maintaining / repairing / painting / cleaning of street furniture and equipment as directed Collecting litter, general tidying and gritting as directed Carrying […]

Parish Council Vacancies

There are now 3 vacancies for Parish Councillor on the Cliffsend Parish Council. Anyone who is interested in becoming a councillor should contact either the Clerk, or any of the current councillors. Contact details are on this website. Any resident wishing to call for a by-election needs to send a list, in writing, of 10 Cliffsend […]

Earlsmead Crescent Green Maintenance

Thanet District Council (TDC) attended a meeting with the Parish Council on 7th Sept 2017 to discuss the grassed area and trees at the above location. They managed to establish that the development company who owned the land and estate went in to receivership half way through the building of the estate in the late 1970’s. […]

Chairman’s Report 2016/2017

CPC Chair Report 2016-2017 Thank you for attending the AGM of Cliffsend Parish Council. The last year for Cliffsend Parish Council has been eventful in that we had the sudden resignation of our previous Chair and two other councillors’ part way through the period. Since I became Chair in October 2016 we have co-opted over […]

Asparagus Field Housing Development further details planning application

The latest planning application (for landscaping details) of the 31 houses + retail unit development on the Asparagus Field was discussed by the parish council in the June 1st planning meeting, and the comments made by the council are on the Asparagus Field page on this website.

Street sweeping update

Street sweeping in Cliffsend has not been taking place for some time. Thanet District Council are awaiting delivery of a new sweeping vehicle “suitable for villages”. This is expected in August, and a new sweeping schedule will be issued once it has arrived.

Parish Council Newsletter – Oct 2014

Cliffsend Parish Councillors – in alphabetical order   Vera Hovenden – PC Chairman, Finance and General Purposes Committee (Chairman), Neighbourhood Plan Working Party (Chairman), Finance Working Party Kathy Lyon – Finance and General Purposes Committee, Meadow Working Party, Neighbourhood Plan Working Party ‘Ratna’ Ratnasingham – Finance and General Purposes Committee Martin Rogers Pat Searle – Finance and General Purposes Committee, Meadow […]

Parish Council Newsletter – Nov 2012-Mar 2013

The Parish Council is very busy working for the parishioners, and with other village groups, behind the scenes. The Post Office We are supporting the Shop Association in trying to find a way to resolve the issues over its future. •    Joint open public Meeting on Tuesday 19th March   St. Mary’s Church We negotiated with our […]

Chairman’s Report 2015/16

(Given by Cllr Helen Knowles at the 2016 Annual Parish Meeting on Apr 28th 2016) The Parish Council has been exceptionally busy since last May, where has the year has gone? We have: Undertaken a complete review and overhaul of the various Committees and Working Parties, to ensure they are all fully compliant. We have […]