Updated – Canterbury Road West Closed to through traffic at Cliffsend Roundabout

Update – 17 March 2019

Southern Water gave a presentation regarding the mains sewer collapse at the last Parish Council meeting.  Here is their presentation:-


Rising Main repair works – Canterbury Road (West) Cliffsend

As you may be aware, Southern Water is currently working in Cliffsend and Manston Airport to carry out repairs to a damaged section of public sewer.

This sewer main carries untreated wastewater from Margate to our Weatherlees Hill Wastewater Treatment Works.  The flow through this sewer is around 800 litres per second – so undertaking repair works have to be done as safely as possible.

We’ve completed investigations into the repair works needed, which required us to shut off flows to our Margate Wastewater Pumping Station and using CCTV to survey the pipe.  This now means we can replace an 800 metre section of sewer pipe, extending from within Manston Airport and across Canterbury Road West and through the fields.

In order to carry out these essential repairs and to protect the safety of road users, Canterbury Road West will need to remain closed until the work is completed, scheduled for the end of April or early May.  We apologise to local residents and businesses that are impacted by this road closure and would like to assure you that we are working as swiftly, and as safely, as possible for these repairs before the road can be reopened as normal.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but we’ll do everything we can to minimise the impact on local residents.  We’d also like to thank you for your patience and understanding while we carry out these essential sewer repairs.

Presentation document – (pdf 409kb) or higher quality version here – (pdf 2mb)


Due to a mains sewer leak between the Cliffsend Roundabout and Jentex, the Canterbury West Road has been closed to through traffic.

The closure could last for up to 2 months while Southern Water investigates the extent of the problem & carries out repairs.

Road Access will be maintained for all Cliffsend properties. 

For through traffic

Eastbound traffic diverted via the Sevenscore roundabout to Thanet / Cliffsend village.

Westbound through traffic diverted via the Cliffsend Underpass.

Please note that the closure is between Jentex and the Cliffsend Roundabout, not between Windsor Road and Cliff View Road as in the official notice. (below)

Official notice 

Emergency Road Closure – Canterbury Road West, Cliffsend, Ramsgate – 22nd January 2019 (Thanet)

It will be necessary to close Canterbury Road West, Cliffsend, Ramsgate from 22nd January 2019 for up to 21 days. Due to the severity of these works, additional time may be required.

The road will be closed between the junctions of Cliff View Road and Windsor Road.

Enlarged diversion signs will be located throughout, with addition of signage stating Gentex will remain open accepting deliveries.

A256 Canterbury Road West, Lord of the Manor Roundabout, A299 Hengist Way, A299 Sevenscore Roundabout and A299 Hengist Way.

This is to enable emergency works for potential carriageway collapse due to sewer damage to be carried out by Southern Water.


Enclosed is a copy of the Traffic Notice in confirmation of this  (pdf – 132 Kb)