UPDATED – Buses during Canterbury Road West closure

18th Feb 2019

The no.9 Bus is now using the Canterbury Road West again so Cliffsend users are served during the road closure.

The buses are turning around on the Jentex apron (with full permission from Jentex) to return to the Lord of the Manor roundabouts and thence on to either Canterbury, or back to Ramsgate.

This information is not on the Stagecoach website. (Link to Service Updates).

Thanks to Parish Councillor Vera Hovenden for her efforts with Stagecoach to get this matter resolved in favour of those who use this bus in Cliffsend.

11th Feb 2019

Stagecoach have confirmed that the no.9 (Canterbury) bus is not able to service Cliffsend during this road closure as it is unable to turn round in the Canterbury Road West.

It is using the Underpass directly from the South Lord of the Manor roundabout and the A299 Hengist Way to get to and from Minster.

Stagecoach statement

“However, realising that we have still not had confirmation as to when the road will actually open it was unfair to leave Cliffsend without a bus service.  With this in mind we have re-routed the 42 service to operate via Cliff View Road towards Ramsgate.  Therefore, any passengers that wish to travel to Minster or the Canterbury area may do so by changing buses in Ramsgate.  On returning to Cliffsend, we have advised all drivers to ask passengers if any wish to alight in Cliffsend and they will operate the diversion in reverse.”

Unfortunately, this information is not available on the Stagecoach website, and it is still showing “Live” information times for the no.9 bus stop at Manna Hutte on the Canterbury Road West.