Richborough Connection Pylon / Cable Update

The government have just approved the construction of the new high voltage electricity cable link between the Richborough power station and the nearest high voltage grid connection at Canterbury. See the Richborough Connection page on this website for details of the project & news.

Speedwatch – volunteers required

THANET  RURAL  SPEED  WATCH The Scheme operates in the villages of Thanet VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! If you have spare time and wish to slow the speeding motorists through our villages this is one way in which to help. To find out more contact Councillor Charlie Small 07990 623168

1. Your local Police Contacts

Phone 101 to contact ALL local police EXCEPT in an emergency. Our “local” PCSOs (shared with several other “Ramsgate” areas) are now (updated Mar 2017). CRAIG RAISBECK – mobile 07772 113097 JOHN LITCHFIELD – mobile 07966 308901     Kent Police are trying to make it easier for you to contact them and their partner […]

Manston Green Housing Development Approved

The outline planning application (submitted to TDC in 2015) for plans to build about 800 new homes on the Haine Road, North of the Lord of the Manor, along with various other facilities, has now been approved by TDC. There was a public exhibition of the plans on 31st Oct 2013. Further details in “Read”. […]

Manston Airport (Stone Hill Park) Planning Summary

An outline planning application for the Stone Hill Park developments has been submitted to TDC. The Planning Summary Document is now available on this website. The owners of Manston Airport have submitted a new planning application for the future use of the airport as Stone Hill Park – for housing / employment etc.. The Planning […]

Little Book of Scams from the Metropolitan Police

The “Met.” have issued a 52 page booklet full of useful advice and samples of scams which are very cleverly disguised to appear to have come from trusted sources, and request / require urgent action Trading Standards page on this website

Street Lights consultation results

After the public consultation, KCC have agreed  that all street lights will be converted to LED. All roads will have all-night lighting – with the ability to dim individual lights so that it is right for every street – once work has been completed on installing the new LED lamps. Many Cliffsend roads currently have […]

Thanet draft Local Plan consultation replies

The draft Local Plan preferred options consultation comments are now available on the TDC website (see link). Link to Thanet Local Plan page on this website with more information.

Jentex site – planning application has been approved

Revised proposals for a housing and services development on the Jentex Oil Storage Depot site (Canterbury Road West) were approved by Thanet District Council on 17th Sept 2015.   Details about the plans, including a link to the Planning Application files are on the Jentex Site page on this website

How do I find out what’s going on in the village

This website is updated regularly – both the News & the Events Sections. These are found under the top menu on the website.   There are various notice boards in the village displaying oncoming events / current issues. The Parish Council have 2 boards on the village green opposite the Village Hall on the north […]