Warning about scam phone calls claiming to come from police

Information supplied by Kent Police Neighbourhood Watch on 21st Dec. To all residents in Thanet. We are having a massive spate of fraud over in Thanet (predominately Broadstairs) Residents are receiving calls from a male claiming to be a Metropolitan Police Officer and asking for bank details. A couple of times the male states he […]

2018 Parish Council F&GP Committee

2018 Parish Council F&GP Committee Minutes & Agendas    January Agenda Minutes  February Agenda Minutes  March  Agenda  Minutes  April  Agenda  Minutes  May Agenda Minutes  June Agenda  Minutes  July Agenda  Draft Minutes  August  No Meeting    September Agenda Minutes  October Agenda Minutes  November Agenda Minutes  December Agenda Minutes  

2018 Parish Council and Planning Committee Minutes & Agendas

2018 Parish Council Minutes & Agendas    January Agenda (Updated) Minutes  February  Agenda  Minutes  March  Agenda  Minutes  April  Agenda  Minutes  May AGM Agenda AGM Minutes   June Agenda  Minutes  July Agenda  Minutes  August  No Meeting    September Agenda  Minutes   October Agenda Minutes  November Agenda  Minutes  December Agenda Minutes 2018 Planning Committee Minutes & Agendas May Agenda Minutes […]

NEMO cable work now completed in Cliffsend

The NEMO cable work has now been completed in Pegwell Bay, and the road disruptions & construction traffic have gone, along with the contractor’s vehicles from the Sandwich Road car-park. The missing bollard in the car-park has also been replaced.