Warning about dog thefts

A warning from our Community Warden. Over the last two days several dogs have been stolen from gardens and the street in the Dover area. A red van with ladders on top was seen nearby. These dogs are all shapes and sizes. This trend may spill over into your area.

Speedwatch – volunteers required

THANET  RURAL  SPEED  WATCH The Scheme operates in the villages of Thanet VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! If you have spare time and wish to slow the speeding motorists through our villages this is one way in which to help. To find out more contact Councillor Charlie Small 07990 623168

Asparagus Field – archaeological dig has commenced

Archaeological excavations are now underway on the Asparagus Field, prior to main construction works for the new housing development. Further details of the development are on the Asparagus Field Housing Development page on this website.