2017 Parish Council F&GP Committee

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2017 Parish Council Minutes & Agendas

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Reminder – take care with cold callers

There have been several recent incidents of attempted break ins in the village. Residents should ask for and confirm the identity of all cold callers, especially if they are inviting them in. Also residents should take every possible action to secure their property when it is left unoccupied. Please see the Neighbourhood Watch page for more information […]

2017 Parish Council Meeting Days & Dates

From January 2017 the Parish Council will meet on the Second Thursday of every month. New dates as follows. 12th January 2017 9th February 2017 9th March 2017 13th April 2017 11th May 2017 8th June 2017 13th July 2017 14th September 2017 12th October 2017 9th November 2017 14th December 2017